After organizing “Broken Dishes I & II” exhibitions in which more than twenty graffity, ilustration, tattoo or urban art artists ilustrated broken dishes as if they were canvas, this special year of the 10th anniversary of A fuego negro we present a new edition with 10 chosen artists from the Basque Country ilustrating 10 siphons, of the many we have removed because of getting damaged,  that represent the 10 years of activity.

The SIPHON is the tool we have defended a lot and even has become our standard under the legend “Gure Style” (our style). Maybe because what it supposed as a symbol of cuisine’s evolution, or maybe also as a provocation facing the witch hunt it has suffered as the foam cooking, Ferrán Adriá era or nouvelle cuisine… Although most likely we have chosen it because a mix of feelings and the complicity it has had with our cooking, because apart from reproducing foams it has led us doing fried meringues; foaming, bubbly and jelly sauces; cheese, foie or chocolate airs… In a word, it has been a tool that has allowed us having fun, learn, imagine and personalize our cuisine and at the same time we have defended it contrary to easy or fashionable critique.